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How GPS.AZ saves hundreds of thousands manats for state and private companies: GPS monitoring of transport – technological solutions in Azerbaijan

Government sector representatives and private companies constantly face with problems while monitoring vehicles on different routes and parking. The problem is exacerbated seasonally due to increased traffic flows.

  • Technologies come to the rescue: GPS monitoring allows not only to receive a track in real time and inform about where the vehicle is currently located, but also to check compliance with all other standards, including travel time, correct fuel consumption, etc.

What transport and logistics companies face in Azerbaijan

The main problem of public sector companies that have vehicles on their balance sheets is “dead souls”. These are decommissioned or non-working vehicles.

  • These have not been released on a route for a long time due to accidents and unprofitable repairs, but they continue to draw funds from the budget. These cars exist in documents, but they rust in garages.
  • Dishonest employees use waybills on outdated paper, which provides ample scope for fraudulent activities.
  • As a result, due to the lack of automation of the process, the human and bureaucratic factor is triggered: because of the “left” routes, the state bodies and entrepreneurs suffer serious financial losses.

For private companies, processes are usually only partially automated. However, even this does not allow:

  • reducing the consumption of fuel, lubricants, other fuels and lubricants;
  • shortening the list of spare parts required for repairs and consumables for maintenance;
  • keeping track of inefficient and inappropriate use of transport.

How the problems of TLC and companies having cars on their balance are solved in Azerbaijan

GPS Solutions Azerbaijan (GPS.AZ) offers GPS monitoring services. Today this technology is available for everyone, and the installation of equipment for traffic control, refueling and other vehicle parameters pays off almost immediately.

  • You get the opportunity to save money through innovations, join the still closed “club” of enterprises and organizations that prefer to use technology to obtain items of cost savings and increase the profitability of projects.

What is required? A little. Equip a vehicle with monitoring system and monitor the vehicle using GPS/GLONASS satellites, receive real-time reports – track files coming to the GPS.AZ servers located in the leading data centers of the country.

The data received from the satellite through the tracking system is available for customers online when entering their personal account. You do not have to wait for a track file. You will always be aware of location of your cars and what happens to them on the route, by keeping under control:

  • the speed of movement;
  • distance traveled;
  • operating mode of units and assemblies;
  • fuel consumption and much more.

Customers also receive reports for analysis that can be ordered for any GPS tracking period. The reliability and quality of the result are guaranteed, because GPS Solutions Azerbaijan is not only a professional in its field, but also cooperates with such major partners as:

  • Teltonika – manufacturer of GPS equipment (GPS.AZ is the official distributor of this world leader in the field);
  • Wialon – servers with Wialon software, unlike competitors, are located on their own servers in the Delta Telecom data center in Azerbaijan (closed network infrastructure, which provides multiple advantages in terms of speed of provision and security of personal data of clients);
  • Community service Gurtam (service providers, software developers, manufacturers of GPS equipment) and others.

The offer for companies and government agencies that prefer to save costs due to full control of the vehicle along the route and parking

GPS monitoring of transport from GPS.AZ means affordable prices, guaranteed quality and total control of vehicles, regardless of whether they are on the route, the company’s parking/garage or third-party parking. It is enough to install GPS equipment, connect it to the GPS monitoring system and start receiving information in real time, with output to a PC, laptop or mobile device. The system allows:

  • set up logistics using the latest technologies;
  • automate and optimize routes, quickly rebuild them in the event of force majeure situations on the roads;
  • issue waybills not in paper, but in electronic form, removing “loopholes” for fraudsters;
  • prevent theft of fuel, reduce the cost of fuels and lubricants and spare parts, inappropriate travel;
  • ensure the integrity of cargo, not only by tracking, but also by controlling the driving style.

GPS.AZ is the only company on the market that provides equipment to corporate customers free of charge. Until the end of this summer, special 50% discount on fuel level sensors is offered. Do not miss the favorable conditions to connect you fleet to GPS-monitoring!

  • More than 500 companies have already switched to the new tracking and control format. Depending on a traffic load they save hundreds of thousands manats every day. Are you ready to join them? Call or send an application directly through the website.