Intelligent transport management systems

The modern city requires a transport system meeting its needs for successful and dynamic development. Such transport system should be one step ahead of the city needs for passenger and cargo transportation. In international practice the problem of congestion at the city roads is solved by using intelligent transport (management) systems (ITS), which are capable to efficiently manage road traffic and city passenger traffic in the existing road network without adding to road density.

ITS is the complex of interrelated automated systems solving road traffic management, monitoring issues and control of all kinds of transport (individual, public, cargo), informing people and entities about the organization of transport services in the territory of the region.

Intelligent transport management systems

Information flow directions in the intelligent transport management system are the following:

Key objectives of ITS implementation

  • improvement of road traffic safety;
  • improvement of transport network capacity;
  • improvement of the quality of services provided to road users;
  • mitigation of harmful impact of traffic flows on the environment;
  • improvement of the efficiency of transport performance;
  • enhancement of the prestige of city public passenger transport;
  • imp