Water supply monitoring

The monitoring system notifies the dispatcher of the emergency team about the loss of water supply in the controlled area without awaiting calls from population to the control center.

The module consist of hardware and software section, where the hardware is GSM/GPS telematic unit, or GSM/GPS terminal that connected to water meter through protocol RS 232/485.

GSM/GPS telematic unit is connecting to the main water pipe. Collected data about the temperature, line pressure and unit’s location is transmitting to the data-center via cellular network.

Detecting the loss of water supply, the system instantly notifies the remote dispatcher about its time and location. The dispatcher sees alarm signal’s location on a map and, if necessary, transfers this data to GPS navigator or mobile phone of the emergency service.

Integration with the vehicle tracking system allows receiving reports on emergency services’ site visits, as well as time elapsed from alarm signal to arrival of the personnel, and other factors.

Water supply monitoring