Fuel level sensors

Fuel level sensorsVepamon fuel level sensors – high accuracy fuel level sensors designed for measuring fuel level in reservoirs or vehicle fuel tank. Omnicomm LLS sensors are connected to the terminal of transport monitoring system and transmit measured value of fuel level thereto.

All fuel level sensors Vepamon are characterized by high accuracy and stability of indications, wide temperature range of operation from -60 to +85 degrees, and also elevated maximum supply voltage, and reliable protection of electric circuit against interference (noise) and fault connections. Relative reduced error of level measurement in the whole temperature range does not exceed 1%. All fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS have lifetime warranty.

All fuel level sensors Vepamon are of capacitance type. Comparing to standard resistance fuel sensors, capacitance sensors are characterized by fully electronic operation scheme and absence of moving parts, which guarantees high accuracy, stability and reliability. Unlike flow-type fuel flowmeters, capacitance level sensors are not tied-into main fuel line and do not affect operation of engine; they also allow determining with precision time and volume of fuelling and drains, which is not possible when using fuel flowmeters.

Oscillation filtering algorithm Fuelmetrix developed by Vepamon company is used for accurate determination of fuel level. This method guarantees obtaining of reliable data even in extreme operating conditions.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor

Ultrasonic fuel consumption sensors consist of two main parts. The sensor itself is installed at the bottom of the liquid tank. Electronic device with which fuel consumption control is carried out is located outside the tank and displays the inside fluid level. Fuel Control is carried out using an ultrasonic pulse. The pulse is transferred from the device to the surface of the liquid in the tank, wherefrom it is reflected and goes to the fuel consumption sensor. Fuel Control is carried out by determining the time of propagation of pulse from the surface to the bottom of the tank and automatic expression in terms of volume. Thus, ultrasound allows operational control of fuel consumption without the contact of the device with the liquid.

Contactless ultrasonic fuel level sensors are designed to measure liquid level without dipping it into the measured medium as a part of the aircraft navigation equipment GLONASS / GPS or independently.

Connection unit of the mandatory fuel sensor  (for cars)

Adapter of the floating resistive fuel level sensor with analog output and EIA-485 communication interface.

Allows the most cost-effective way of introduction of  the fuel monitoring function in cars, vans, light-duty trucks.


Fuel flowmeters VZO 4 OEM, VZO 8 OEM are designed to measure the fuel consumption of vehicles with diesel and petrol engines. It is a product of Swiss company «Aquametro» AG. The electronic component of the counter is not protected from outside intervention. Our company has improved this product, and now it is protected from vibration and magnetic field. Flowmeter has become more reliable.

Fuel level sensors