GPS monitoring system


The monitoring system offers:

  • Real-time surveillance of movement of any objects;
  • Usage of the most recent and detailed maps;
  • Analysis and presenting the information as illustrative and clear charts;
  • Automation of routine actions of the dispatcher = saving of working time;
  • Instantaneous notification about important events (e.g. overspeeding, down time of transport, pressed panic button, change in sensor indications, loss of connection with the object or arrival to the reference point of destination) by means of system messages, E-mail or SMS;
  • Development of routes and control of traffic along these routes;
  • Import of relevant information into the system and data export to other applications for processing;
  • Systematization of any volume of data with the use of multifunctional report designer.

Monitoring system can operate on any device equipped with web-browser and connected to the Internet. Local installation of software is not required.


The user can regularly obtain reports from the satellite monitoring system in automatic regime. Generation of the relevant inquiry will be sufficient. Then, the system will send the scheduled reports by E-mail.

The system also includes notifications about the object’s road behavior (e.g. over speeding, location of the object, indications of sensors, etc.). Notification can be sent by E-mail or SMS, displayed in pop-up window, or stored in system (for subsequent generation of the report).

GPS monitoring system