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GPS Monitoring

With GPS.AZ Tracking System you can monitor the following parameters of your vehicle on real-time mode:



Distance traveled

Object's operation mode

Fuel control

System functionality allows to assign restricted areas and to control driving outside their limits, to import and export the reports with more than 30 data types (driven distance, motor-hours, parking, journeys, fuel consumption, etc.) in a required report format.

Remote control allows the monitoring of connected sensors (temperature, pressure, etc.), to block the engines, etc.

The operation principle of the transport monitoring system includes the surveillance of the moving objects using satellites GPS/GLONASS, and processing of information on the servers of our company installed in leading data-centers of the country. Data obtained from the satellite-aided tracking system are available both on-line – which keeps our customers informed about location of the transport all the time – and in the section “Journey history” available from your personal office. You can always use these resources to analyze efficiency of your fleet activity for the entire previous period.

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