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Vehicle tracking


By using GPS.AZ tracking system, you can keep track of vehicle location, its speed and traveled distance in real-time mode.

Equipment installed in vehicle allows to determine the location through GPS/GLONASS satellites, and transmits data via GSM network to server center of the monitoring system.

This solution allows to:

  • Control the movement and down time of vehicles within 24/7;
  • Control the fuel consumption;
  • Assign restricted areas and control driving outside their limits;
  • Control the driving speed of vehicle;
  • Import and export reports with more than 30 data types (distance traveled, motor-hours, parking, journeys, fuel consumption, etc.) into required report format;
  • Tie transport vehicles to specific route and control deviations from this route;
  • Control operation of the connected sensors (temperature, pressure, others);
  • Block engine operation.