ATM network monitoring

Vandal-proof system for ATM and PayPoints:

  • Real-time monitoring of all terminals on a digital map;
  • Sound alarm within ATM and at the remote dispatcher’s cabin whenever shocks, strong vibrations or power-off is detected, door or safe is opened, temperature is raised, location is changed, and etc.;
  • Photos on the events and upon the dispatcher’s request;
  • Opportunity to store photos and reports online;
  • Connection of the additional video surveillance system;
  • GPS coordinates, if ATM terminal has been stolen;
  • Autonomous power supply, standby operation for more than two days, and during power failure;
  • Bill collectors’ authorization, reports on visits and safes’ openings;
  • Service within 24/7


Detecting the alarm signal, the system instantly notifies the remote dispatcher about its time and location.

The dispatcher sees the signal’s location on a map and, if necessary, transfers this data to GPS navigator or mobile phone of the security service.

Integration with the vehicle tracking system allows receiving reports on security service’s site visits, as well as time elapsed from a detected alarm to the arrival of security personnel, and other factors.

ATM network monitoring