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Vessel monitoring


GPS.AZ monitoring system allows to track any vessel in the world, without installation of monitoring equipment.

Information is received from numerous sources:

  – tracking stations all across the world,
  – coastal and satellite radars, 
  – systems of control of maritime space,
  – onshore dispatcher control stations,
  – satellite fleet broadband systems.

Information available for this solution – time, coordinates, speed, status (moving or moored.)

If full control and guaranteed update of intervals are required, we can provide satellite-aided terminals and full telemetry set for the ship.

Complex solutions with telemetry allow to perform tasks like:

  • control of location and speed
  • control of propeller screw running hours in various operation modes
  • control of standard tachogenerators (velocity sensors) of main engines
  • control of running hours of boiler generators
  • control of 12 diesel-generators indicators
  • control of level in diesel fuel feed-tanks
  • control of diesel fuel consumption
  • control of temperatures of liquids, vapors, bilges, etc.
  • control of main engine rpm by independent system
  • control of level in the heavy fuel feed-tanks
  • control of loads lifted by ship cranes
  • control of acceptance of diesel and heavy fuel in cargo tanks

Vessel monitoring