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  • Wialon GPS Monitoring System
    Monitoring the movement of vehicles, the amount of fuel, the technical condition of machines, optimization of completed and assigned tasks using a computer – these innovative opportunities that everyone can afford today. Already more than 100 companies around the world are effectively using servers with.
  • Top 3 Equipment and Software for GPS/GLONASS Vehicle Monitoring
    Modern technologies and devices allow tracking vehicles, people and other mobile objects located anywhere in the world. Tracking is essential to control movement, optimize costs and ensure safety. GPS trackers cam be used for business and personal purposes. It is enough to purchase special equipment,.
    «Road and Traffic 2013» is unique specialized exhibition demonstrating wide spectrum of road infrastructure of the region. Over 70 enterprises will participate in Exhibition: among them road-building companies, distributors of road building machines, operators of public transport, companies of IT sector. Besides commercial structures, state organizations.