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Identification of attached implements and trailers

There is a special identification label fixed on attached implements and trailers. The label allows clear identification of the equipment type that was used in the field works, its running time, the grasp width of the working tool, the recommended processing speed. Based on this information, the system determines the area of the processed field, compliance with the recommended processing speed, overlaps and gaps with high precision.

The introduction of such technology allows to reduce the staff. Record-keepers, whose job is to clearly measure the area of performed works are no more needed, or significantly change their function. Now, they can not only receive data on the volume of performed work directly from the computer, and visually assess their quality – only selectively. Old methods of performance records are not only inaccurate, but sometimes may lead to abuse of position. GPS monitoring system makes the economy independent from a human factor. It is devoid of any temptations, accurately and quickly issues an objective information.