Driver Identifier with engine blockage or sound notification

The sensor (also called “contactless reader” or “access control device”) is installed in the driver’s cab and is designed to ensure that the remote controller see which driver is in the car and can keep records of his working time.

Oftenly in organizations the same car is driven by several drivers, who are working in shifts. Therefore, there arises a task to know exactly which one of the drivers is behind the wheel at the moment or who worked on a certain day or hour in the past. Moreover, automated receipt of the data makes it easy to calculate each driver’s work-hours. Usually, farm workers receive piece wage, and it is essential to know how many and what kind of work were performed by each employee.

Each driver is issued a personal badge, which is for a short time put on the reader before the start of the shift or engine start. To ensure that drivers do not disregard this operation, you can enable the function of banning the start the engine until identification.

The system keeps all personal information about the employee – first name and surname. This system also allows to identify the guilty person(s) in this or another situation.

Installation of the system of driver identification by fingertips that excludes cases of transfer of keys is possible at extra charge.