Tire pressure sensor


The tests showed that if the tire pressure is 15% below normal - it leads to an increase in fuel consumption and also reduces the life cycle of the tire.

The proposed solution has a double effect: first, it saves fuel and money, and secondly - extends the life cycle of the tire (and, again, saves money).

The result of the application of the sensors:
 -  Fuel economy - up to 15% (flat tire leads to an increase in resistance and, as a result, to an increase in fuel consumption);
 -  Increase of the life cycle of tire - up to 30% (since 10% flat tires have  three times shorter lifetime);
 -  Also, the system warns the owner about the possibility of explosion of the tire and prevents ignition.

In addition to the above, tire pressure sensors can be used to control the weight of the car and the degree of loading.